10 Creative Wood Laser Cutter Ideas to Try

laser cutter machine

Not sure what to do with your wood laser cutter? We’re here to help! From engraving boxes to designing chessboards, there are so many different projects for you to try out.

Many of these ideas are highly practical, whilst others make for attractive gifts and décor. Choose the projects which seem most applicable for your needs.

Without further ado, here are 10 ideas to consider:


Phone holder

Support your mobile phone with a timber stand – it’s a great way to watch shows on your phone without having to hold the device yourself. The best part is that you can decide what kind of stand you want by choosing your favourite colour and shape.



Want a wedding invitation that will stand the test of time? A wood laser cutter invitation is a charming and durable option which works by engraving a thin sheet of your chosen timber.



Make your restaurant stand out with a menu engraved in timber. This is an easy way to add style and charm to your establishment – and avoid having paper or plastic menus getting damaged.



If you’re a chess player, why not make your very own chessboard? Your wood laser cutter allows you to craft anything you can imagine. It’ll take some time, but the results will be worth it.



Similarly, why not spruce up your study by adding a trendy keyboard with timber keys? Simply craft each individual key and then replace your existing plastic ones with them.


Jewellery box

A timber jewellery box makes an excellent gift for the women (or girls) in your life. It also allows you to create something truly personal and memorable. Feel free to style it in whatever way you like – shape, size, colour, engravings – it’s all up to you.


Floating shelves

Floating shelves make for a stylish wood laser cutter project. Simply take pieces of timber and trim them to size. Polish and hang them (or nail them) up for a gorgeous piece of décor that you can put books or plants on.



Timber toys are a safe, child-friendly alternative to plastic ones. However, do make sure they are made safely – you don’t want to give a child a crudely made toy that will give them splinters, or which has been coated with a toxic substance. Some ideas include puzzles, rocking horses and toy cars.


Wine rack

Sick of all the wine bottles lying all over the house? Tidy them up with a DIY wine rack. This is a simple, easy project to make using your wood laser cutter.



You might want to pair your doormat with some pallet placemats, too! Bamboo placemats are a trendy option, and tend to be thinner and gentler than other forms of timber.



A timber pallet doormat makes for a great addition to the home. It’s natural, soft and stylish, and works well in a range of properties. Your wood laser cutter will be more than capable of helping you create this.


Candle holder

A timber candle holder makes for a gorgeous piece of décor which you can use in your own home or give to a loved one. Just make sure you use a fire-resistant finish!



Want to jazz up your bedroom? A DIY headboard is a great way to add rustic charm to your sleeping quarters. Choose your desired timber and create the headboard of your dreams.

Your wood laser cutter can help you bring your dreams to life. Make sure to use it safely and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come!