How To Choose A Ribbon

As you know, a red ribbon is important to achieve a decoration out of the ordinary. It adds a retro design lighting. You will have a special highlight with this little tool. It is a very flexible accessory and easy to install. There are several types and models of led ribbon. Which one is most suitable for you? The answer depends on some criteria like your taste, your house, where you want to install it but also the intensity, power, length of the ribbon. This article will bring you some tips!

Define Its Use

Indeed, before you start using LED ribbon, first determine where it will serve. From this place you can expand little by little on your sense of creativity. Afterwards, you can also orientate yourself on its consumption, its price and its quality. There are indeed merchant sites that offer models of cheap LED strips or commercial LED ribbons adapted to your budgets. It is not that they are priced sacrificed they are useless, on the contrary, the commercial ribbons are of superior quality. Moreover, the use of led tape can vary according to its power consumption. To make a small calculation on consumption, multiply the power indicated by the number of meters you want to install.

Some Things To Know

In terms of lighting, LED lights are the best known because of its low consumption and its lifetime which is the popularity of LED ribbons. For this purpose, a LED strip is a flexible strip consisting of several LEDs that can be used to decorate any place. It is low consumption and can be handled according to your own convenience. The LEDs used in this ribbon are called Surface Mounting Device or SMD, they can be flat, square or rectangular in shape.

An LED ribbon can have several specificities:

Its color: you can choose between white, neutral white or cold white, etc.

Its density; you can also determine the number of LEDs to install on any surface

IP protection: it depends on where you want to install the ribbon

Its consumption: it is calculated according to the desired tape measure

The angle of view: if your angle is wide, you will have a very diffused light and shared by cons if it is closed, the light will only be directed to a desired place.